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“The rediscovery of Saluzzo and its fair”

On Sunday 15th March the Saluzzo Fair takes centre stage, a work by Carlo Pittara who opens and titles the current exhibition at the GAM in Turin: HORSES, COSTUMES AND Dwellings.

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Info: Ufficio Turistico IAT, piazza Risorgimento, 1 12037 Saluzzo, 800392789, email


The rediscovery of the “Fiera di Saluzzo (17th century)” by Carlo Pittara, curated by Virginia Bertone. The majestic painting – 4.08 meters high by 8.11 meters wide – presented in 1880 at the IV National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Turin, recalls a seventeenth-century fair outside the walls of Saluzzo representing in a realistic and natural scale a parade of knights and costumed characters, many animals and in the background the city, with the buildings that characterize it.

The realistic rendering of the work invites the comparison between the painting and reality, for this reason CoopCulture and the GAM of Turin organized a whole day for the public, the first part dedicated to the exhibition and the second designed to identify and find “from the true ”the buildings and residences of Saluzzo painted with great skill and meticulous precision by Carlo Pittara.

At 11am the GAM offers an extraordinary guided tour of Carlo Pittara. From the Rivara School to the rediscovery of the Saluzzo Fair by Theatrum Sabaudiae.

In the afternoon the visitor can go to Saluzzo, to follow the visit of CoopCulture which turns into a small journey of study on the places and characteristics of the popular seventeenth-century fair, highlighting the changes in urban spaces and buildings, as well as revealing some curiosity about the productive and commercial activities of the time. The route starts from Castile, leads into the historic centre, along Salita al Castello, includes the Church of San Giovanni, and then descends into Corso Italia and Piazza Risorgimento and onto the churchyard of the Cathedral of Saluzzo.

For both initiatives it is advisable to book.

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