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Saluzzo: readings aloud by “Natiper leggere” at the library

The appointment in March with the readings aloud for the little ones, in the civic library of Saluzzo, will be dedicated to colours.

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Info: tel. 0175/211452- Biblioteca Civica di Saluzzo “Sacharov” Via Volta, 39 / Via dell’Annunziata, 1


Wednesday, March 18th starting at 5.15 pm, we will read stories that will feature the colours and the creativity that derives from them.

The “Colors of Fantasy” readings will end with a mini laboratory.

Readings and activities are addressed to children from 3 to 6 years old but everyone can participate. The initiative is free and takes place in the children’s room of the Saluzzo Civic Library, with entrance from Via dell’Annunziata, 1.

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