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“Countries, landscapes” by Striscia la Notizia makes a stop at the Biscottificio di Pamparato

In the episode broadcasted on Friday 7th March, during the famous transmission Striscia la Notizia Canale5, Davide Rampello conductor of the column “Countries, Landscapes” stopped with his inevitable folding chair in the “autogrill” of the ancient Roa Maerenca: Pamparato.

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Here he found precisely the “Panem Paratum“, the seasoned bread. To be precise, its exquisite derivation of the meliga biscuit “Otto File” produced by the Biscottificio di Pamparato. Just like the mule drivers who travelled from Vicoforte to Albenga did up to 150 years ago, and only here did they find a comfortable parking area, as in modern motorway service restaurants.

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