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Genepì, mountain aroma becomes liqueur

Necessary ingredients to prepare Genepì are: dried herbs, water, fine sugar and pure alcohol.

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The plant has been classified as protected and therefore its collection is subject to stringent limitations. For this reason, many farmers have tried over time to cultivate it elsewhere in order to keep alive the tradition of liquor distillation without the use of flavorings and chemical additives.



It is obtained mashing alcohol, artemisia plant, water and sugar. It has a natural yellow colour with some green shades. The alcohol content ranges from  30 to 42% vol. genepì needs to be seasoned 100-150 days at least.

Area of production

The Genepì Occitan is is produced in the Cuneo province in the following area:  Valle Varaita, Valle Maira, Valle Grana, Valle Stura, Valli Gesso, Valle Vermenagna, Valle Pesio, Valli Monregalesi, Valle Po,Valle Bronda and Infernotto, Alta Valle Tanaro. Turin area: Alta Valle di Susa,  Val Chisone, Val Germanasca and Val Pellice.


Mountain inhabitants of the Cuneo valleys have produced Genepì for more than a century. They infused the herbs, but the real production of spirit dare to the beginning of the 20th century, when the distilleries began to use the natural herbs. In the second half of the 18th century Giovanni Stefano Pin was the first man to open the distillation method in the Val Chiosone, in the Pinerolo area. The first distillery was founded in 1823 in Finestrelle, it was specialized in  particular in the flowers and aromatic herbs distillation. In Piedmont the production of Genepì began in the ‘60s in the Cuneo and Turin valleys.

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