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Ravioles of Val Varaita, a delicious mountain specialty

They are not a stuffed pasta and do not have a square or rectangular shape, but they are excellent tapered dumplings typical of mountain villages.

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The ravioles of Val Varaita are a typical products of the Cuneo area.



Ravioles are different from ravioli, in fact they have a clindrical shape and are not filled pasta. Their name comes from the making process which requires to roll the pasta (in Piedomontese language “raviulé”). Ravioles are a typical product of the mountaing boroughs and so they are made with cheeses and potatoes. The dough is made with eggs, stuffed potatoes and cheeses such as the Tumin del Mel. They are traditionally served with cheese sauce or with melted butter, sage and/or cream and a pinch of pepper.

Area of production

Ravioles are traditionally produced in the mountain areas, in particular in Valle Maira and Valle Varaita.

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