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Barolo, winemaking heart of Langhe

Barolo is the native land of the homomymous wine, you can reach this borough from La Morra; it is in the middle of a hilly valley covered by green vineyards.

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This little borough has very ancient origins, it seems that its name comes from the Celtic bas reul, which means “lower place” and it describes exactly its position.


What to see

The Volta castle, which stands out in the centre of the village, is easily reachable through the road from Barolo to La Morra. Built in the XII century, it became part of the fief of Barolo and then it passed under the lead of the Falletti family. When their dynasty disappeared the castle underwent a phase of decline, which lasts nowadays. Today is property of a winery. 

The Falletti castle dates to the beginning of the X century, but there it remains little of the original structure; for example, the keep, which is still visible, is original. At the death of Juliette Colbert, the last marquise of the Falletti dynasty, the castle passed under the lead of the ‘Opera Pia di Barolo’, which transformed it in a college. In 1970 it was bought by the municipality and it has been restored. Today the castle hosts the Wine Museum (WiMu), which proposes to its visitors an interesting journey in the history of the wine, through cinema, literature, art, cooking, music with international and local traditions. Moreover it celebrates also the people who lived in. If you go downstairs in the Temple of the wine tourist, you can taste the Barolo wine with the help of the experts. Our itinerary ends in the “Enoteca Regionale del Barolo”, in the ancient marquis cellars.

The parish church, dedicated to San Donato, dates to the first half of the XVIII century. The Falletti marquises, lords of Barolo, are buried in front of the major altar. The corkscrews museum was born thanks to the pharmacist Paolo Annoni, who loves collect them. Born in Turin, he decided to move in the Langhe and to create this museum in an old cellar where now you can see more than 500 types of corkscrews, of different period, nationality and shape, from 1700 to nowadays.

Eat & Drink

The Barolo wine is perfect with meat, roast meet, pot roast, lamb, but also with long ageing cheeses such as the Bra duro Pdo or the Castelmagno.

The Barolo pot roast, realised with Fassone meat and Barolo wine, is one of the top receipe of the Piedmontese tradition: in fact it is the union between the Queen of meats and the King of wines.

For nature lovers

From Barolo start many ring paths which run through vineyards and dirt trails.

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