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Praline with rhum, meringue and cream triumph

Rounded shape, dark brown color and a size of 15-20 grams for a condensation of delight that never ceases to conquer not only at the end of the meal.

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Pralines are produced in various Piedmontese regions, presenting variations in the cream: the cuneesi, the droneresi, the carruresi, the lamorresi, the monregalese, the acquesi, the albesi, the saluzzesi, the bargesini, the torresi, the fossanese, the orbassanesi.



The Rhum pralines are made with a meringue sheet, covered by a thin layer of rhum flavoured dark chocolate. Pralines are rounded and dark brown and wheight about 15-20g. Ingredients for meringue: dark chocolate, eggs white, sugar. For the filling: hazelnut pastry, almonds, coffe, morron glacés pastry and rhum. These flavoured pralines are produced in different varieties depending on the place of production, which generally are the following areas: Cuneo, Dronero, Carrù, La Morra, Mondovì, Acqui Terme, Saluzzo, Berge, Torre, Fossano and Orbassano.

Area of production

These pralines are produced in many municipalities of the Cuneo province.


The tradition tells that these pralines were born in Dronero at the end og the 19th century, in a bakerty. A baker, tired of remove the meringues from the layers, came up with an idea: put together the meringues with a cream. People liked these meringues so much that the baker dediced to cover them with dark chocolate. This recipe was a great success and spread in the whole region.

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