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What we can do staying at home? Here 5 interesting tips….

Technology helps us, here are 5 museums that can be visited without moving:

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– the Egyptian Museum with the Invisible Archaeology exhibition: a completely immersive experience that allows you to walk virtually through the museum corridors;

– the MAO Oriental Art Museum: presents a 360 ° panoramic visit option of some rooms of the museum, as well as a space / time journey to “the Forbidden City of Beijing”;

MuseoTorino (site we had already talked about here): it offers a virtual tour of Turin, considering the city a living museum

– the National Cinema Museum: on the site it gives life to a presentation of its collections and the history of cinema through an interactive itinerary;

– the Wine Museum in Barolo: the only museum outside Turin, allows you to visit the museum superficially, especially indicating the division into floors

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