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Lard of Cuneo: uses and consumption of this traditional charcuterie and peasan product

It has been the basis of popular food and the main cooking fat for century, nowadays is a valuable product to be enjoyed alone or to wrap meat, fish, chestnuts.

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Lard of Cuneo is a savory sliced, typical products of the homonymous area.


Identikit and main features

Resistant to touch, the lean parts are bright red-pink, while the fat is milk white. Slices have a good texture and a delicate fragrance, thanks to the tanning method. It has a delicate spiced aroma, not too salty and very agreeable if flavoured with herbs. It is realised using fresh meats only of 9 months old pigs, which weight no less than 144 kg.

Area of production

It is produced in the territory of the Cuneo province.


The lard has very ancient origins and, here, in Piedmont it has always been part of the popular basic diet. In the past it was use to heal diseases like shingles. Moreover it was use whipped to prepare meats or with chestnuts.

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