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Cuneo: photographic competition “Day after day”

While staying at home Ober Bondi and his HAR Project propose the photo contest  “Day after day”, from March 15th to April 14th.

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While staying at home, as a health emergency requires, Ober Bondi and his “Har” do not stop completely and propose a new initiative: 

«Dear friends, we do not yet know the decrees and provisions of the government for the month of April. The ongoing medical emergency will not end in late March as we all hoped. I think we will still be forced to cancel or possibly postpone many other initiatives. We are all at home: alone, with grandparents, with children. We are taking or re-taking for some, habits that we had lost, we are learning to be together in reality, always, with the “if” and with the “but”. Difficulties are a challenge to be faced with courage but also with patience, and where it is needed to have kindness and love and attention to others, bearing in mind that “others” have needs  could be us. A bad period to overcome, “day after day”, alone, dreaming of the future that we will build together. Even if we are forced to skip initiatives, nothing prevents us from continuing to feed our passions. The day before yesterday I sent the PDFs of three photo magazines to the “WhatsApp Group” thanks to my correspondent from Milan. This morning my daughter Sara sent a song interpreted in Vienna last Saturday and that you can find on YouTube at this link: It’s great music. Writers are also moving towards organizing an online event.

Other affiliates in recent days have given us directions for museums, exhibitions, films, books, all to be appreciated on the PC or smartphone. Everything is useful to make us feel part of a community. We are at home but we are not alone. On this topic, throughout Italy, many initiatives are being proposed and implemented. Italy is a great country. This morning I thought of organizing a free Photo Contest for everyone. It will help us to keep our “looking and seeing” alive, and to spend some time during the days. Who knows where this river of images will flow. The Photo Contest is “Day after day”, This is the regulation: it is organized by the HAR Project Association and is free for everyone, as well as HAR Project Affiliates, friends, relatives, can participate musicians, writers, in short, all those who love to tell with photography. In this case, it is a matter of telling our quarantine days between everyday life, any difficulties, beautiful and nice things that can happen. You can participate with images taken both with the camera and with the smartphone. Photographs taken with the camera must be sent to Those made with the smartphone must be sent via WhatsApp to 335.8333258.

For each image you must indicate name and surname, the reference day, any title. Maximum are two photos per day, from March 14th until April 14th. All the photographs will be projected on a special evening, which we will organize to celebrate the end of this difficult period and the beginning of a new, more humanly aware period. On the same evening, the jury, composed of all those present, will vote on the photos that best correspond to the theme. Prize-giving: the prize pool is still to be established, but the ten most voted photographs will be awarded».

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