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Webathon for Piedmont

Today 18th March from 12 to 24 on the channel and on the Facebook institutional channels of the Piedmont Region and the Regional Council, the web will become a real interactive television to reach the homes of all Italians called to participate in a widespread way to a relay of solidarity with a single objective: to find resources to support Piedmont hospitals, health personnel and to purchase new medical devices, necessary to face the Coronavirus emergency.

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Piero Angela, Massimo Giletti, Giorgio Chiellini, Bebe Vio, Eugenio in via di Gioia, Cristina Chiabotto, Gabry Ponte, Ivan Zaytsev, Samuel Romano of Subsonica, Salvo Sottile, Raul Cremona, Michele Foresta, Rudy Zerbi, Beppe Braida, Jimmy Ghione , Arturo Brachetti, Rocco Papaleo are just some of the 70 characters who will participate in Webathon x Piedmont, the first web marathon organized by the Giunta and the Regional Council, from an idea of ​​the author and TV presenter Walter Rolfo, to raise funds to support Piedmont hospitals, health personnel and purchase new medical devices necessary to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.

Each character will have 15 minutes to share thoughts, talk about themselves, tell stories, show magic, sing, teach cooking, to present their own personal method of training for happiness.

The whole event, the shooting and the contributions were designed so that everyone can give their personal help simply by staying within the walls of the house, without coming into physical contact with other people. An important message to say that the impossible can also be achieved from the living room at home.

All those who wish to donate can do so on the official current account of the Piedmont Region: REGIONE PIEMONTE-“Sostegno emergenza Coronavirus” UniCredit Group – IT 29 H 02008 01152 000100689275 BIC UNICRITM1AF2-UNICREDIT GROUP

Join the event:

Alberto Cirio, Stefano Allasia, Piero Angela, Ylenia Baccaro, Massimo Bagnato, Giuseppe Barbuto, Alessandro Baricco, Elena Barolo, Marta Bechis, Paolo Belli, Mauro Berruto, Marco Berry, Luca Bianchini, Chicco Blengini, Alexander Boldachev, Arturo Brachetti, Beppe Braida , Guido Catalano, Giuseppe Cederna, Cecilia and Daniele Celona, ​​Cristina Chiabotto, Giorgio Chiellini, Raul Cremona, Elio De Grandis Alexander, Gipo Di Napoli, Eugenio in via di Gioia, Oscar Farinetti, Michele Foresta, Jimmy Ghione, Simone Giannelli, Massimo Giletti , Paolo Griffa, Hyde, Morgan Icardi, Valerio Liboni, Vladimir Luxuria, Edoardo Mecca, Michelangelo Mammoliti, Jacopo Morini, Jack Nobile, Martina Panagia, Rocco Papaleo, Rosario Pellecchia, Alessandro Perissinotto, Michela Persico, Pisti Mangaboo, Angelo Pittro, Gabry Ponte , Johnson Righeira, Tomàs Rincòn, Max Rosolino, Samuel Romano, Stefy Sansonna, Guido Saracco, Simona Arrigoni, Lorenzo Sonego, Kristina Ti, Fabio Troiano, SiIvia Vada, Bebe Vio, Ivan Zaytse v, Rudy Zerbi, Svevo Tognalini.

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