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The magical Christmas village at you home

The magical Christmas village of Govone in these days will make its highly popular social channels available, transforming them into a sort of web TV, with professional entertainment content for families and for the little ones.

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We will play, we will talk about the territory (hoping to be able to visit it as soon as possible), we will tell about products and propose recipes.

The professionals of the magical Christmas village of Govone make their skills available free of charge to be next to those who are at home in this period. The idea is to take advantage of the social platforms of Il Magico Natale di Govone to entertain people at this time when they are forced to be closed at home. Children, of course, but also the older ones, because basically everyone loves the magic of Christmas.

To build the schedule of contents will be a team of professional artists: all the actors normally involved in the themed representations of the House of Santa Claus in Govone lent themselves to the initiative, and CircoWOW also wanted to make its valuable contribution, involving in the I plan its professional entertainers.

Not only that: the idea from which the initiative starts is not only to build entertainment, but also to keep a territory positive and alive that must think about restarting, both in terms of tourism and production. For this reason the Magic Christmas village will ask for collaboration in the project of many local companies in these weeks: they will, if they wish, provide content to feed the schedule of this new web TV. To support the initiative, precisely for this, there is also the Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourism Authority, which welcomes the proposal to tell, through the channels of the Magic Christmas Village, the many family friendly activities that can be found on the Piedmont territory, and in particular in that of Langhe Roero and Monferrato.

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