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Alba: the library brings virtual books and newspapers at your home

The civic library “G. Ferrero ”of Alba reminds its users that the online loan of e-books and digital periodicals is available.

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Info: Biblioteca Civica “G. Ferrero” Tel. 0173 292466


The service is accessible from home by connecting to the MediaLibraryOnLine (Mlol) platform via personal computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic tool with Internet connection.

On the virtual shelves there are a large amount of best sellers, news, classics, home manuals, books for children, children, as well as newspapers and magazines in many different languages.

Those who are already members of the library can take advantage of the digital loan. To activate the service, just write an e-mail to the address indicating your data: name, surname and card number.

In a short time the Library will send the user the credentials to access the portal. Each member can borrow a maximum of two titles per month and keep them for fourteen days.

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