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#COndiVIDiamo: tell the Coronavirus experience

Videos, photos, drawings and testimonials: two contests to feel close.  All the recordings you will sent to us will be used to create a documentary and an exhibition.

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Global emergency, deserted roads, distorted everyday life, thoughts, small great stories, fears and hopes. We do not know when the Coronavirus emergency will end, but it is certain that what we are experiencing today will mark the existence of each of us, as well as our society. One day all this will have to be remembered. To do this we ask for your help: the Municipality of Bra, in collaboration with Stuffilm, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the web radio Braontherocks, launches two initiatives to share testimonials that tell what we are experiencing and how we are experiencing it, staying at home .

The first contest, aimed mainly at Bra citizens, is an invitation to share photos, drawings, thoughts and poems on the social networks with the hashtag #COndiVIDiamoBra: a way to feel closer and united, through the personal gaze of everyone on this so difficult moment and the emotions it brings. An archive of stories and moments, to be transformed into a public exhibition. The invitation is addressed to everyone: to those who are at home from work and to those who are called to continue to do their best so that the country does not stop, to children and schools, to those who are abroad and to those in the front line as a health worker, emergency or volunteer. How to do? Post your story (for images, words or colors) on your Facebook or Instagram pages these days with the tag #COndiVIDiamoBra and tag the social profiles of the Municipality of Bra (@comunebra).

The second initiative, which starts from Bra to expand globally, is dedicated to the collection of video testimonies, fragments of life and isolation in the time of the Coronavirus that will become – when we are out of this emergency – a documentary of the community by the home of production Stuffilm. Create, using any means (smartphones, cameras, cameras), stories from your quarantine at home: how you train, how you spend time or how you keep in touch with family and friends. If you are in a big city, send us the footage of what it looks like from the window, to your eyes. Involve friends and distant contacts, for a collective look of this historical moment. How to do? Send the videos via email or wetransfer to, via WhatsApp to the number 392.3386221 or on Facebook and Instagram on the “Stuffilm” page.

Some useful tips for filming:

-send videos and not photos;

– audio is important. Try not to overlap voices on the footage you’re recording;

– try to film stories that tell about this quarantine situation, irony is welcome but we needabove all seriousness;

– always make sure that, in the case of filming people in the face they give you authorization (it is enough that at the end of the shooting they say their name, surname on video and that they authorize you to use the video);

– self-interviews and interviews are welcome;

– also send us video footage of the “outings with virtual friends via Skype”: they are precious content.

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