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MotivAzione project: Cycle of lessons / meetings of CRC Foundation

Pending the new programming, in the coming weeks the CRC Foundation proposes various online appointments on the Instagram profile @fondazionecrc with the speakers involved in the project.

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For information: – ​​Instagram @fondazionecrc


• March 26th, 5.30 pm: live meeting with Marco Aime

• April 3rd, 5.30 pm: live meeting with Stefano Bartezzaghi

• April 10th, 5.30 pm: live meeting with Taxi 1729

• April 17th, 5.30 pm: video presentation by Gian Antonio Stella

• second half of April: video intervention by Andrea Zorzi (the date will be defined shortly)

For all the details and to know the date of the last appointment, stay connected with the social profiles of the CRC Foundation.

The appointments, open to all are addressed in particular to teachers, students and young people, will address issues such as multiculturalism, the future of the school and talents.

“In this period in which we are all called to stay at home and to limit meeting opportunities to a minimum, the CRC Foundation proposes these online appointments with the MotivAzione project with the aim of keeping dialogue with the world of school alive, understanding better the moment we are going through and preparing to start all together, as soon as possible “says Giandomenico Genta, president of the CRC Foundation.

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