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The ALICe Cuneo project continues to make people “stay together”, despite the emergency

The Choir of the Aphasics, sings from home: distant but united, in a single voice.

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“It is important not to leave people isolated, especially if they are fragile. Just as it is important to ‘stay at home’ to safeguard the weakest people who risk the most “

ALICe Cuneo Odv’s Choir of Aphasics (music-therapy and music-empathy for stroke project), due to the impossibility to meet for the usual weekly activities due to the Coronavirus emergency, has decided to continue communicating; indeed, he decided to continue singing at a distance, united by the power of technology and music.

A ‘simple’ WhatsApp group, used for communications was enough – says Enrico Catelli of ALICe Cuneo – to continue to be close, even if far away. Our music therapists Margherita De Palmas and Maurizio Scarpa recorded a video with the interpretation of ‘Life is beautiful’, the text of which we took the liberty of reinterpreting with a strong message for this very special Chorus “. “So, many joined the game – very serious – to sing and share emotions, joy, hope together … In the video (available on Youtube, here:, ed) yes they see Alex, from Barge, and Piera ‘Chicca’ from Savigliano … “.

Alice Cuneo, an association for the fight against cerebral stroke, with the project of the Choir of the Aphasics for some years has been trying to give a response and concrete help to people affected by aphasia (inability to communicate, reversible with music therapy) and their families. In this emergency period, Covid19 wondered how to cope with the prolonged absence of activities. The answer is coming – as for many – from technology: “We are trying to set up video lessons – they continue from ALICe – even in live streaming … the important thing is not to be alone. Making association means just that, uniting to desire and do something together. If we can’t do it in person, we’ll do it over the air, as long as it’s done. It is important not to leave individuals isolated during this period, especially if they are fragile. Just as it is important for all of us to respect the rule of ‘staying at home’ as much as possible, precisely to safeguard weaker subjects like them, who are at greater risk in this pandemic “.

“As the bishop of Cuneo and Fossano said, Msgr. Delbosco: ‘Be careful of people who are alone, call them to say that you are close’, ALICe, there is. As’ our ‘song from’ Life is Beautiful ‘states:’ No, life is not scary if / you are close tome”. Let’s sing together, stick together and stay human. 

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