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A virtual walk to discover Messer Tulipano

From 28th March the spectacular flowering of Messer Tulipano will be told through social channels to allow the public to visit, staying at home, the park of the Castello di Pralormo and the over 100,000 tulips and daffodils in full beauty: a plantation renewed with tulips black, parrot tulips, viridiflora, lily flower, frills with fringed tips and many other colourful varieties of flowers.

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Following the Facebook profiles ( and Instagram (, every day you can discover the blooms of tulips “walking virtually ”in the Castle park, accompanied by Consolata Pralormo who will tell anecdotes, curiosities, the meaning of each flower and the botanical secrets of Pralormo.

“I know you would have come to the Castle of Pralormo, as you have done in these 20 years … – says Consolata Pralormo – I imagine your sadness and concern in these days and for this I would like to ‘give you a little beauty’ and hope … I don’t want to keep just for me the wonder that at the Castle (home of our family for 400 years) and in the park, is blossoming “. Among the first blooms that herald spring and anticipate the arrival of tulips, Consolata Pralormo recounts “the yellow forsythia bushes, the fruit trees in bloom that look like white clouds, the avenue of Japanese cherry trees with pink mottled flowers, the rosemary with blue flowers; in the undergrowth there are crocus in pastel colours, spontaneous violets, daffodils in ivory, yellow and orange tones. The squirrels come out, the birds chirp happy to have food again; in the park you can see the robin, the wren, the great tit, the black-billed blackbird, the jay with the blue feathers “.

In this way it will be possible to share a little beauty with everyone through the spectacle and the wonder of the flowery park, the result of the great commitment and work of a whole year.

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