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“Strike up” doesn’t stop

In the municipality of Ceresole d’Alba you don’t stop!

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Given the impossibility of sharing spaces, thoughts and moments in person, the educators of the Roero Langhemare Association who operate at the young Strike Up centre in Ceresole d’Alba (Mara, Davide, Luca) involved the group of high school students who attend usually the centre in weekly video meetings on the “Zoom” platform where you can talk about yourself, share the emotions aroused in this delicate moment. In particular, the “Good Vibration” project promoted by the municipality of Ceresole d’Alba is being carried out, albeit remotely, with the contribution of the Piedmont Region.

The project which is part of social prevention policies and which works on various thematic areas such as well-being, substance abuse, addiction to gambling and critical use of new technologies.

Despite the difficulties in managing the meetings with the boys in videochat, we are trying to make a virtue of necessity, learning to relate to the tools that everyone has available (pc, microphone, web cam and internet connection).

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