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Drawings against Coronavirus

Hi kids! If you don’t already know it, we want to tell you the story of a little wizard named Harry Potter!

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Harry knows a lot of magic, which helps him overcome adventures and dangers!

Harry knows a magic he would like to teach us .. it’s called “RIDICULUS!”. What is it for? It serves to defeat our deepest fears!

This spell can help us defeat CoVid-19!

We explain how to do it:

– Think about CoVid-19

– Take a sheet of paper, markers, pencils, cloth, I lay and all the material you need!

– Scream “RIDICULUS” aloud and transform the Covid-19 into something funny and ridiculous using all the imagination at your disposal!

Then upload the photo on the page

writing your name, how old you are and the city where you live!

The magic will work !!!!

For BIG people: why talk to the children about CoronaVirus?

Because the theme is in the air: they talk about it on TV and radio, it is not a holiday, yet the school is closed, there is a lack of companions and teachers, you cannot go to the cinema or to a pizzeria .. Even without talking about it, the children they think about it.

“Playing with it” helps them to become aware of the situation, to accept it and, why not, to laugh about it by removing disturbing emotions and thoughts.

Giving shape and color to a feeling (anger, fear, disgust and sadness) helps not to be enslaved by it. Let’s help them help themselves.

Event organised by the Psychologist Eleonora Tischer and Francesca Cadevoni 

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