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Readers from all over Italy arrive in Alba and give voice to the pages written by Beppe Fenoglio.

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For some years the #maratonafenogliana has been organized with the Municipality of Alba.

We ask those who want to choose a passage, a page, a sentence, a few minutes of video in which everyone reads Beppe Fenoglio aloud. In this way the facebook pages will be filled with beauty and resistance.

Choose the passage you love, recover with your smartphone and upload the video on Facebook by tagging the @centrobeppefenoglio using the hashtags # maratonafenogliana # BeppeFenoglio # laculturacura # laculturanonsiferma # Alba # LangheMonferratoRoero

Here are some indications for the success of the event:

– Membership is free, as free is the thought of Fenoglio.

– If you don’t have a social channel but want to participate, send the video via email.

– Shoot yourself with your smartphone horizontally with selfie mode, with the computer through the video camera, or by being shot by a close person.

– Position yourself with a coloured background behind you, such as a bookcase, a painting. Better to avoid the white background.

– Do not stand against the light.

– Place the camera, mobile phone or computer, in line with your face, at eye level.

– Do not shoot from the bottom up.

– Read slowly, in a quiet room to allow good audio recording.

– At the beginning of the reading, indicate the book / story from which the chosen passage is taken.

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