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Sit down and find out: #curiosity

The new format Sit and Discover is born: # curiosity, signed by Turismo in Langa, to allow you to discover the beauty of the area while comfortably sitting on the sofa.

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In these difficult days for everyone, it is necessary to find a way to spend the days, investing above all in training and culture through the peculiarities of our territory and the most curious aspects that characterize it. Our journey will start from the Castelli di Lagnasco and continue in other magnificent artistic and architectural examples of our region.

# episode1 – The Castles of Lagnasco

In this first episode the Castles of Lagnasco will be told, marvelous architectural jewels of the Saluzzo area, the cradle of splendid sixteenth-century frescoes and the question will be answered: “Why are we talking about Castles of Lagnasco and not Castello?”

# episode2 – The Veiled Lady

In the second episode, we will focus on the frescoes inside the Castelli di Lagnasco and in particular on the fresco depicting the Veiled Lady … today’s question is: “Who is the Veiled Lady?”

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