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The truffle hunt nominated as a UNESCO heritage site

Exactly as for the wine-growing landscapes, the aim is to recognize this traditional practice. The answer in 2021.

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The “search” and “quarrying” of the truffle in Italy will be candidates to be UNESCO heritage  as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The news comes from the Governing Council of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO which, in recent days, has approved the proposal put forward by the National Federation of Truffle Associations and by the national association “City of truffles”.

Consequently, the application dossier “Truffle hunting and quarrying in Italy: traditional knowledge and practices”, born from the idea of ​​the then president of the National Center for Truffle Studies of Alba Giacomo Oddero, was sent to the Unesco Secretariat of Paris for the analysis and final evaluation.

The verdict will arrive in 2021.

The anthropological research study conducted by university professors Piercarlo Grimaldi and Gianfranco Molteni was fundamental, which completes and enriches what, without a doubt, is the largest cataloging work ever carried out in this area so far.

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