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Entracque potato and the benefits of growing in mountain

Less intensive cultivation of mountain potatoes improve taste, as well as increasing the storage time.

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Entracque potato is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Potato planting, although widespread in any environment, finds its ideal habitat in mountain areas. Today Farmers grow different of potatoes, but they are trying to recover some old selections cultivated in the past on our mountains such as the Piatlìna, which took its name from its flattened shape.

Area of production

It is grown in the municipalities of Entracque and Valdieri.


The potato (Solanum tuberosum)  was brought in Europe after the discovery of the Americas , but  in Italy and in Piedmont in particular, its cultivation began only in the XIX century. It spread rapidly to satisfy the food requirements of the population: in fact the potato guarantee a good crop and it was at the basis of the traditional diet instead of cereals. Today we can find many varieties of potatoes, even if some farmers are trying to recover the ancient types.

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