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Diano d’Alba, incomparable “balcony” with a view

It is few kilometres from Alba and it presents three different areas: the historical centre, the Talloria valley, on which many wineries overlook and Ricca, seat of the main industries.

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From the walls of the castle you can enjoy a wonderful view on the vineyards of Barolo and on the Langhe hills, ideal soil for the productions of great wines, which are the main activity and attraction of these places.


What to see

Diano D’Alba is located in a strategical position in the Langhe, in fact, from here you can enjoy a wonderful natural lanscape on the hills and on the all-around castles and  villages; moreover it offers a very important artistic heritage. In the city center there is Palazzo Ruffino, an elegan building, which was built for the first time in the middle of the XVII century; it was totally reconstructed in 1730.

The main square, piazza Trento Trieste, is dominated by another historical palace, which dates to the end of the XVII century; it has recently been named “La porta rossa” (red door), many important nobles lived here. The most importnant and ancient palace is palazzo del Conte Rangone, located in the north side of the village, it has been constructed from the monastery of the Augustinian monks and so today you can still see the cloister. The parish church with its bell tower reflects the perfect piedmontese Baroque style and inside you can see eight paintings realised by some local artists. From the belvedere you can enjoy a 360° view on the all-around territories. If you like walking you can go from the castle ruins through the streets of the four boroughs which create Diano D’Alba, among flowering balconies and ancient houses.  Cascina Rossa has recently founded a small, but very nice museum about the farmers life and it is dedicated in particular to the wine production: the visitor is immersed in an interactive path, realised by the Famiglia Veglio, who helps tourists to get the better experience possible.

Eat & Drink

Diano is the Dolcetto homeland. Settantasei Sörì (which means “exposed to the sun”, is a term used to indicate the areas suitable for the grapevine cultivation) create the Aocg label of quality and protection, thanks to the high quality of this wine, which is possible to taste in the municipal winery.

What’s on

  • Di Söri in Söri: October

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