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Occit’amo: on Easter Monday #stayhome … and dance

On Monday 13rd April from 2.30 pm accordionist Roby Avena and violinist Chiara Cesano, from their home in Cuneo, will offer a live concert on Facebook on the Occit’amo page (, to allow anyone, anywhere in the Occitan lands, alone or in company, to dance a “courenta” or enjoy the notes of the Occitan tradition.

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And since the Occitan public is known to always be the protagonist of the party, the participants are warmly invited to get up from the table, move chairs, sofa and anything that may be in the way, and to dance. The next step will be to give a photo and post it in the comments of the big live broadcast.

All this is Terre del Monviso, a space to live, even from a distance. A call to continue keeping ideas (and legs) moving.

“Let’s not stop ideas. We had it in mind right from the start, in the face of the first measures to contain a health emergency that was unimaginable until a few months ago – says the staff of Terres Monviso. In suspended times, when ideas run, they can go far. We launched the music with short videos, a Se Chanto with “unified balconies”, we thought about the future with #guardareoltre and the call to all those who work and live in the valleys, and whom we meet on our way. It’s time to dance together! ”.

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