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FdS: Remote play with music

The Sound Factory has always been part of a small space between teaching and play, between teaching and fun.

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Iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito del progetto “Info Rete Valle Varaita”, per l’organizzazione di attività di animazione per bambini e famiglie in collaborazione con gli Uffici Turistici dell’Unione Montana Valle Varaita (Pontechianale, Venasca, Costigliole Saluzzo e Busca).


Following the national and regional provisions in force, in the impossibility of carrying out these circumstances in the presence, and in order to guarantee animation during the Easter holiday period and in the immediately following period during which events with gatherings cannot be organized yet of people, video activities (divided by age groups) were created, created by the cooperative’s music operators.

By putting into play musical and educational skills, FdS + was born, a virtual space with videos of games and musical activities, to be realized even at home, alone or in company, to learn with music or even just to have fun playing with sounds .

For each video, available free of charge to parents and teachers, the didactic sheets are downloadable, with the objectives and the thought behind each activity.

Initiative carried out as part of the “Info Network Valle Varaita” project, for the organization of entertainment activities for children and families in collaboration with the Tourist Offices of the Valle Varaita Mountain Union (Pontechianale, Venasca, Costigliole Saluzzo and Busca).

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