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Alba: the online services of the Civic Library “G. Ferrero”

The civic library “G. Ferrero ”in Alba, to meet the needs of citizens in this particular period of forced closure, strengthens the loan service of e-books and digital periodicals.

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Per ulteriori informazioni: Biblioteca Civica “G. Ferrero” via Vittorio Emanuele II 19, (all’interno del Cortile della Maddalena) 12051 Alba (CN), tel. 0173 292466,


From Wednesday 15th April, in fact, even those who are not members of the Library can enrol in the online loan: to activate it, simply write an e-mail to the address, indicating their data (name, surname and tax code). In a short time the Library will send the user the credentials to access the MediaLibraryOnLine portal ( This is an exceptional registration, the duration of which is linked to the forced closure period of the Library: to continue using the service even after it has been reopened to the public, it will then be necessary to register regularly.

Furthermore, given the great demand for e-books and digital periodicals, the Library has enriched the catalogue with numerous new titles, offering a wider reading choice for all subscribers. Not only that: the number of books that each reader will be able to borrow also increases, going from two to three per month (always for 14 days each).

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