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The Permanent Resistance Laboratory the E. di Mirafiore Foundation presents:

A virtual call, addressed to the Foundation’s friends and audience: in a short video, read pages of Resistance that we love most.

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Fondazione E. di Mirafiore
Via Alba 15 – Serralunga d’Alba (CN)
Anna Funtò – 377.7034360



Video contributions will be collected and published in pills on the Foundation’s social channels throughout April 25th.

On April 25th will be anticipated by two other online meetings:

– Friday 17th April, 5.30 pm, Telmo Pievani & Oscar Farinetti

– Saturday 18th April, 6 pm, Federico Quaranta

Live on Facebook on the Foundation page

Dear friends,

Tradition has it that the Mirafiore Foundation organises a large partisan party every year on 25th April. For obvious reasons, this year the tradition cannot be respected as usual but the Foundation does not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate – in a historical moment that needs it in particular – the Liberation Day.

Just to reaffirm its closeness to its public and to maintain its commitment to the Memory, this year the Foundation has decided to launch a very particular initiative: an invitation to tell, all together and in the first person, stories of Resistance and the great pages of literature, as we have always done in the Bosco dei Pensieri.

The invitation was sent to several friends of the Foundation (among others, in addition to Oscar Farinetti, Gianrico Carofiglio, Giuseppe Cederna, Enrica Tesio, Omar Pedrini, Vladimir Luxuria, Enrico Mentana, Francesca Fagnani, Nada, have already joined Antonio Armano, Fredo Valla) but is designed in particular for the extraordinary community of its audience: recording a video – of a maximum indicative duration of 2 minutes – in which you read the pages of the literature that best told the acts of Resistance.

You can send the videos via email to by Monday 20th April, so that the Foundation will then have time to transform them into thematic pills, which will be published on the Foundation’s social channels on Saturday 25th April. We recommend you to record videos keeping the phone horizontal and taking care to have a colored background, not a white one”.

“PILLOLE DI RESISTENZA” is the title that we wanted to give to this initiative, bringing together more well-known readers and ordinary citizens who care about the concept of freedom even in these bad times that have suddenly deprived us of freedom. It is our way of joining the great virtual event wanted by our friend Carlin Petrini #IORESTOLIBERO to which, without doubt, and ideally we refer to with the invitation to make an offer. April 25th remains, even today and forever, a founding date of our democracy and our being Italian and it is important to remember it even if it is impossible for us to do it in the presence.

An initiative open to all, a different way to be together in a moment when physical distance is, yes, fundamental, but closeness of spirit must not fail. Because the Resistance also and above all passes through small individual actions, today more than ever.

The Resistance Lab is online

The Foundation has moved its online business to not stop even during an emergency.

As already anticipated, the first appointment, scheduled

on Friday 17th April at 5.30 pm is a two-part lesson:

a dialogue between Telmo Pievani and Oscar Farinetti entitled “Human serendipity”.

A second virtual meeting has already been set:

Saturday 18th April, at 6.00 pm

Federico Quaranta will give a very particular lesson: a journey through the Italian treasures.

Federico Quaranta, author of “Terra” (Sperlink & Kupfer), has been touring Italy for years to tell about its beauty and flavours, discovering that behind the exceptional products that our land gives us, equally exceptional stories are hidden. Men and women who have refused to abandon their places of origin, ancient crafts, the cultivation of local plants that are in little demand or the breeding of indigenous species, and have chosen to remain and enhance centuries of knowledge. Alone, with a heart to the past and an eye to the future, they are committed to bringing traditions back to life and delivering them to us today, strong and productive. As did Walter who, replanting a forgotten grape of the Colli Tortonesi, produces one of the best white wines in the world; o Luigi, one of the last ax masters of Genoa, who is transmitting his knowledge to Kamal; o Manuel who creates a very rare pecorino in amphora. As a true storyteller, Federico Quaranta met them, worked with them and had their life choices told, in a stubborn and contrary direction, showing that, with intelligence and sensitivity, it is possible to grow in harmony with nature, loving and preserving – instead of destroying – our territory. Today more than ever these stories must be told and celebrated.

Both meetings will be held live on the Facebook page of the Mirafiore Foundation.

No form of reservation is required.

We remind you that the YouTube channel – Mirafiore TV – is also active, where recordings of a selection of past matches are available. The time spent at home can be a good opportunity to discover – or review – this small wealth of content, which will also be at the centre of an ad hoc programming on the Foundation’s social profiles (Facebook and Instagram).

We will give you further updates on the Foundation’s activities on our SITE, on social pages and through the newsletter, in the hope of being able to return soon to be a physical place for meetings and dialogue.

For info:

E. di Mirafiore Foundation

Via Alba 15 – Serralunga d’Alba (CN)

Anna Funtò – 377.7034360

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