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Play with Food

A live and online performance for one spectator at a time: it is the special gift of Play with Food to its audience, to celebrate, even if from isolation, the tenth anniversary of the festival.

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Play with Food – The food scene, the first and only theatre and performing arts festival in Italy, entirely dedicated to food, celebrates its first 10 years. From 2010 to 2019 8 editions of a multifaceted and inclusive festival were held, played on the double stage of the table and the scene, inhabiting theatres, restaurants, private houses and secret places with shows, concerts and convivial moments. The festival was created by Davide Barbato and Chiara Cardea (who co-directed it until March 2019). The organization and implementation is of the Cuochilab Association. The artistic direction is by Davide Barbato.

Pending the tenth edition, scheduled from September 29th to October 4th in Turin, Play with Food begins the celebrations in a very particular moment, marked by the distancing of the bodies and the consequent disorientation of the live arts. To virtually mend the tear, and to send a signal of presence and optimism, on Sunday 26th April, from 5 to 8 pm, a historic one-to-one performance by Chiara Vallini will be re-proposed live and online, created in 2012 on the occasion of the third edition of the festival, and presented, among others, at Kilowatt Festival, BLV Art Bilbao, Mantova Food & Science Festival, Ouverture Festival, Review of Common Places, Cultivating Culture.

Recipe book / Side Bis an immersive performance for one spectator at a time, who has fun in arousing curiosity and who feeds on the disorientation and surprise originating from an unexpected event. A cook prepares to set up her table in the space entrusted to her: in the centre of a rowdy restaurant, on the bank of a river, in the entrance hall of a building, on top of a roof, in the foyer of a theatre, in this case in a web chat … it doesn’t matter. The spectator will find himself in front of the cook who will ask him to choose a dish from a menu. Once the choice has been made, the spectator will be invited to wear headphones and … to unexpectedly enter a parallel, surprising, dreamlike and surreal world.

Recipe book / Side B starts from reality to overturn its meaning, uses normality to create amazement, inviting the viewer to cultivate a creative gaze and to explore the everyday as an unknown territory, a possible source of poetry. Known actions, usually relegated to a merely functional role, are transformed in the eyes of the beholder and listener into small worlds teeming with possibilities, where boredom does not exist, where the word routine is unknown, where everyday life is dutifully reinterpretable.


1) To participate you need a computer or a tablet with a webcam, a pair of headphones and a stable internet connection.

2) Choose one of the following time slots on Sunday 26 April to participate in the performance: 5/ 5.25 / 5.50 / 6.30 / 6.55 / 7.20 / 7.45 pm. The performance lasts 5 minutes.

3) Write to indicating the preferred time slot

4) We will reply by confirming the exact time to connect, within the chosen time slot, and all the instructions to attend the live performance, performed only for you live.

5) Participation is free, subject to availability of seats. Those who wish can then support Play with Food with a donation on Paypal.


Chiara Vallini is an actress and performer. Since 2004 she has worked in the artistic and theatrical fields as an interpreter and author. In 2011 he began the production of personal creations and in collaboration with other artists, who moved away step by step from the theatres, to explore the performing arts in unconventional places as well as a different and closer relationship with the public. With his shows, performances and installations he participates in various Festivals and Reviews (Kilowatt Festival, Asti Teatro Festival, Play With Food, Ouverture Festival Officina Teatro, Earthink Festival, Torino Fringe Festival, BLV Art-Bilbao, Mantova Food & Science, …) and collaborates with various cultural bodies and realities (Piedmont Theater Europe Foundation, Turin Municipality, Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Piedmont, Synthetic Workshops, Cuochivolanti, Foundation for Architecture …).


Recipe book / Side B

live and online performances for one spectator at a time

by and with Chiara Vallini

original music by Fabio Viana

Place, date and time: web, Sunday 26th April, from 5 to 8 pm – 1 reply every 5 minutes

Tickets: free participation while seats last

Booking: compulsory, by writing to


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