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Birùn: “online” initiative

From the “Compagnia del Birùn” (the president Simona Grosso and the Executive), a new press release arrives, in this persisting period of “Health Emergency” …

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«On April 25th we will have to give up (for obvious and right reasons) to the” Viasolada “, our event to discover the Peveragnese territory, with a path mainly on paths, the” viasole “… But we don’t want to give up the message that has accompanied it for seventeen years : on the day of Liberation we have always wanted to remember (beyond any political judgment that does not belong, by Statute, to our Association) that Freedom is a good to be safeguarded and Resisting is a capacity that must be applied on a broad spectrum to contrast everything what threatens individual and collective freedom. Therefore we thought of an “alternative” Viasolada in which you are all invited to participate. If you want, send me, privately so as not to clog the group, a photo of what you see from your balcony or your window accompanied by a phrase on what “Resisting” means to you. From April 25th we will publish them on the Company’s Facebook page as we did with the photos of the shirts (by the way, you can also put a Birùn shirt in a corner if you want). You can involve whoever you want in this initiative, just like a “traditional” Viasolada and make sure that a message of freedom and hope reaches as many people as possible (WA 334.8966480, mail».

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