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The Municipality of Sommariva del Bosco ready to honour the Liberation Day

The municipal administration of Sommariva del Bosco intends, even if not in traditional ways, to honour the Liberation Day.

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Then on Saturday 25th April at 10.30 am, the flowers will be brought to the gravestones. The deputy mayor, the police, a representative of the Alpini and a representation of the Giuseppe Verdi Music Band of Sommariva del Bosco, will find themselves in front of the monument to the Unknown Soldier in Piazza Umberto I for the deposition of the crown.

The deposition of the crown will then proceed at the monument in Piazza Seyssel and then it will end with the deposition of the last crown in the park of Remembrance at S. Marcellino. All this will take place in compliance with the rules and above all with representatives of the associations mentioned in very low ranks. The municipal administration will document the passages of the “virtual procession” with photos and videos.

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