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With the usual look, we like to give us an arrival and tell us that we are ready to think about “Mezza 2021”.

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See you in 2021

On Sunday 19th April the Marathon Half Marathon is obviously not held but many people wrote and posted “their Half” as an invitation from the Organizing Committee.

It was a special Sunday for the volunteers, the runners, the Committee itself, who for the first time in 6 years did not meet in the square for a beautiful two-day race and sports education and all nutrition. But the Mezza del Marchesato and the Mini Mezza, as soon as they can, will begin training to be found in great shape next year. We assure you.

The Amleto Bertoni Foundation City of Saluzzo, Athletics Saluzzo, ASD Podistica Valle Varaita and the Municipalities of Saluzzo, Manta, Verzuolo and Lagnasco, the sponsor who have always supported the running event,

They thank you and renew a goodbye to 2021.

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