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Dogliani: the Municipal Administration celebrates Liberation Day

April 25th is approaching and so the Liberation Day, which never like this year finds us in a forced and, albeit necessary, condition of closures and restrictions.

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In spite of this, the Municipal Administration of Dogliani, has thought and wanted to enhance the April 25th celebration even in these uncertain circumstances.

Among the many ways to tell this date there is one that day after day develops silently outside our senses, yet daily under our eyes. It is the story told by titles of streets, memorial stones and gravestones posted on the walls or set up on the edge of country roads. Often these stories are unknown or have been forgotten.

The Municipal Administration decided to remember on April 25th by telling the stories behind these names of streets or commemorative slabs on the Municipality’s Facebook page, through a journey through images, historical cards and first-hand testimonies. These memorial stones recall both the dramatic events that caused civilian casualties and the protagonists on the Doglianese territory during the Liberation struggle.

From Monday 20th April the stories behind some of the places of Dogliani memory will be known and shared: such as the plaque dedicated to the Garibaldi partisans in Borgata Valdibà, the legendary events of Louis Chabas and the tragic events of the bombing of Dogliani and the massacre of Borgata Martina.

In some cases it is the testimonies of the direct descendants that keep the memory alive. The Filarmonica Il Risveglio di Dogliani will also participate in this project with a web contribution, which was always present at city celebrations and could not miss this appointment.

Finally, the municipal administration, given the exceptional nature of the moment, will celebrate the Liberation Day in an unusual way and without involving the population.

Saturday 25th April at 11 am the mayor and a representative of the municipal police will first stop for a moment of recollection in front of the tombstones placed on the wall of the Town Hall. Then they will go to the War Memorial for the deposition of the crown.

All of this will take place in compliance with the safety and health protection provisions of governmental decrees.

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