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#unamattinamisonconnesso – 25th April celebrations 2020 in Cuneo

April 25 celebrations will be different than usual. Despite the health emergency, the Municipality of Cuneo does not give up celebrating 75 years since the Liberation. In the impossibility of going out to the square for the traditional torchlight procession and the final concert, a “different” way of experiencing the appointment was thought of.

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“In this timeless 2020, we can live on April 25th based on the deepest meaning that a celebration has, that is, paying the right memory to those who sacrificed themselves and gave their lives to defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy – explains the mayor Federico Borgna -. These women and men have taught us that it is worth fighting and sacrificing for the values ​​we believe in. As Giorgio Bocca said: ‘It is good that we know what the Resistance was, not the myth the revisionists talk about but the revelation of what a people can do when it takes the fate of the country in its hands. “

In collaboration with the Historical Institute of the Resistance, provincial Anpi, Youth Council, Nuto Revelli Foundation, the associations Micò and Ora e Semper, La Centrale, Varco and the Conservatorio Ghedini, the Municipality of Cuneo is making a movie inspired by the themes of freedom, equality and information enshrined in the Constitution, which will be published on the evening of Friday 24th April on institutional social channels.

The video will be accompanied by the hashtag #unamattinamisonconnesso which will collect all the contributions (posts, videos, songs and poems) that Cuneo will want to dedicate to this special April 25th. Those who want to participate in the initiative can do so by publishing content on their social networks accompanied by #unamattinamisonconnesso and tagging the pages of the Municipality.

“The goal is to keep the flame of the founding values ​​of our city alive, those described in the first part of the Constitution, daughter of the Resistance even in times when the pandemic hassle, if on the one hand it offers us time and food for thought, from something else can lead us, mistakenly, to think that the emergency overcomes any other theme. Special thanks therefore to Simone Priola, Gigi Garelli, Giulia Marro, Lia Bruna who launched the idea of ​​this project and to Simone Drocco for the great work of assembling the various contributions “.

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