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Verzuolo: a video message to celebrate April 25th

Anpi, section of Verzuolo – Valle Varaita together with the municipal administration proposes an initiative as an alternative to the traditional torchlight procession.

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Saturday occurs on April 25th. A particular anniversary this year for two reasons: because for the first time, after so many years, due to a health emergency, the program organized with the Verzuolese ANPI and therefore the parades together with students and citizens will not be possible. But also because it is the solemn anniversary of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the country from Nazi-fascism.

The municipal administration, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary, had planned that at the end of the celebration in the Resistance Park, the pupils of the schools would sign the parchments to be handed over to the partisans Lorenzo Bonetto and Giovanni Torre and to the families of the disappeared partisans Angelo Boero, Lelio Peirano and Davide Schiffer. They are and have been witnesses to both the commitment of 75 years ago and, subsequently, to the civil passion lavished in the various fields. Since it will not be possible to have the signatures, the celebratory parchments will be brought to their homes signed by the Mayor Giancarlo Panero and the mayor of the Municipal Council of the Boys Matteo Rossi. In this regard, it should not be forgotten that the philosopher of freedom, Luigi Pareyson, was born in the country bordering Verzuolo.

The mayor Giancarlo Panero explains: «Seventy-five years ago many young people died, others risked their lives for freedom. Today, with the health crisis, we risk freedom for life which is the supreme good. Today public health prevails over individual freedoms. They are not choices of an ideology of dictatorship (as happened 75 years ago), but scientifically justified and necessary procedures. In this regard, I wish to thank the volunteers, and in these days the Civil Protection, our true wealth. My thanks extend to health professionals, law enforcement, municipal employees, shop staff, pharmacists and operators of essential services. We know that without truth there is no justice. Without freedom there is no democracy. And we know very well that the enemy of freedom is irresponsibility. So in celebrating the 75th anniversary we want to make a commitment: to be responsible, to be participatory in helping to create our beautiful civil community, capable of relationships, attentive to solidarity, a free community. Without divisions and exploitation, but with responsible positions. An inclusive community that aims at environmentally friendly, human and civil development. Strengthening social relations and taking care of the common good. We, young people, are responsible for remembering that it is not only remembering the liberation from Nazi fascism, but it is a daily commitment to celebrate freedom “.

Anpi, section of Verzuolo – Valle Varaita, in the person of the President Dario Peirano, in the impossibility of carrying out the numerous initiatives planned for the 75th anniversary of the Liberation, but at the same time convinced that it is not possible, despite the current situation, to let pass in total silence such an important moment, he proposes, in agreement with the Municipality, to all citizens a symbolic gesture and hopefully shared. In the hours of the traditional, historic torchlight procession (which obviously cannot be carried out) and exactly at 9 pm on April 24th, let the notes of “Bella Ciao” resonate from every home, from every balcony, accompanied by the lighting of a small light (to replace torch) with display of the national flag.

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