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Webinar Terres Monviso

The seminar is addressed to all the economic operators of the Monviso lands, with particular reference to those engaged in the agro-food, “green” and tourism supply chains.

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Today, Wednesday 22nd April 2020, the Terres Monviso webinar is held: An economy always on the move Green Economy – a targeted accompaniment for the recovery of activities.

The event, organized as part of the activities envisaged by the single project no. 4083 – Green Economies, part of the Terres Monviso Integrated Territorial Plan, is held from 3 to 4 pm and participation is free: just connect to the access link

The seminar will see the participation of five speakers and will be an opportunity to return to the topic of setting up the network of “eco-actors”, “an initiative consistent with the objectives of the UNESCO MaB (Man and Biosphere) project, which led to the establishment of the Monviso cross-border Biosphere Reserve, – underlines the President of the Monviso Park, Gianfranco Marengo – in which people and companies participate in a collective path of sustainable development and are committed to improving the quality of life on the territory, on the Italian side and French from the Alps “.

During the meeting, some important guidelines will also be outlined in relation to the economic recovery of production activities after the difficult phase of health emergency and “lockdown” that we are experiencing due to Covid-19, presenting the interventions for businesses envisaged by the project EcO, the pathways to accompany companies towards the relaunch and the new economic opportunities that derive from the new markets that the Terres Monviso project is working to open, positioning our alpine territory as an international tourist offer.

To participate, it is not necessary to install any application or program: simply connect to the access link, enter your name and surname to access the meeting. Interested parties are invited to participate in switched off microphones and cameras. The seminar will be recorded and personal data will be processed pursuant to the European Regulation 2016/679 GDPR.

The appointment is organized by the Monviso Park, leader of the single project no. 4083 – Green Economies within the Territorial Integrated Plan Terres Monviso, with the collaboration of the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, you can contact Elisa Rubin Pedrazzo of Ascom Savigliano Servizi Srl at the email address


Terres Monviso EcO interventions for businesses

Marilena Luchino – Cuneo Chamber of Commerce

The network of eco-actors in the Monviso Cross-border Biosphere Reserve Maurilio Paseri – Monviso UNESCO MAB Reserve

Accompaniment paths for businesses: from emergency to relaunch

Livio Raballo – Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia Savigliano

Innovation and environmental sustainability for the economic recovery of production activities

Andrea Camarlinghi – Corintea Soc. Coop.

New markets: the alpine territory and the international offer

Alberto Dellacroce – Terres Monviso T (o) UR: International Tourism

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