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The Permanent Resistance Laboratory at the E. di Mirafiore Foundation celebrates Liberation Day

Tradition has it that the Mirafiore Foundation organizes a large partisan party every year on 25th April. For obvious reasons, this year the walk in the Bosco dei Pensieri will not be possible, but the Foundation does not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate – in a historical moment that needs it in particular – the Liberation Day. Just to reaffirm the closeness to its public and to maintain its commitment to the Memory, this year the Foundation has decided to organize two different moments.

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For info:
Fondazione E. di Mirafiore
Via Alba 15 – Serralunga d’Alba (CN)


Friday 24th April – 6.15 pm

Giuseppe CEDERNA

Poems, Stories and Stories of Resistance of yesterday and today

Saturday April 25th

We celebrate together the resistance, online – Resistance pills – The video contributions collected in these days – about sixty – will be published in pills on social channels throughout the day of April 25th

On Friday 24th April, at 6:15 pm, the Foundation organizes a meeting – broadcast live on its Facebook page – with Giuseppe Cederna. Actor of theatre and cinema (he was also an Oscar winner with “Mediterraneo”), Cederna is a tireless traveller and a great lover of literature; the idea is to spend together on the eve of April 25th, telling stories of resistance from yesterday and today, accompanying them with poems and stories.

In recent days, moreover, the Foundation has launched a very special initiative: an invitation to tell, all together and in first person, stories of Resistance and great pages of literature. To date, the Foundation is pleased to announce that almost 60 video contributions have been collected, recorded by the public community, but also by several friends of the Foundation (among many, Cederna himself, but also Gianrico Carofiglio, Mario Brunello, Enrica Tesio, Francesca Fagnani, Omar Pedrini, Vladimir Luxuria, Nada, Antonio Armano, Fredo Valla, Paolo Fresu, Alessandro Milan, Leonardo Manera and the Mayor of Alba Carlo Bo). The video contributions will be collected in thematic pills, which will be published on the Foundation’s social channels on Saturday 25th April. The Foundation wishes to take this opportunity to heartily thank all the people who have responded to the call, once again confirming the exceptional nature of the public who are faithful to it.

Paola Farinetti declares: “RESISTANCE PILLS” is the title we wanted to give to this initiative, bringing together more well-known readers and ordinary citizens who care about the concept of freedom even in these bad times that have suddenly deprived us of freedom. It is our way of joining the great virtual event wanted by my friend Carlin Petrini #IORESTOLIBERO to which, without a doubt, and ideally we refer you with the invitation to make an offer. April 25th remains, even today and forever, a founding date of our democracy and our being Italian and it is important to remember it even if it is impossible for us to do it in the presence. We ask everyone to choose a song that represents their personal idea of ​​freedom and resistance, those of yesterday, today, but also tomorrow.

Two initiatives open to all, wherever they are; a different way to be together at a time when physical distance is, yes, fundamental, but closeness of spirit must not fail. Because the Resistance also and above all passes through small individual actions, today more than ever.

Finally, we also anticipate that on Saturday 2 May, at 6 pm, the Foundation will present another online meeting live on Facebook, dedicated to the Resistance Cuisine. Ugo Alciati and Matteo Baronetto will be invited to talk about it.

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