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Mondovì celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Liberation

On Saturday 25th April on the institutional website and on the Facebook page the video message from the Mayor, Paolo Adriano, and Prof. Stefano Casarino, president of the ANPI of Mondovì, will be published, which this year should have held a public prayer at the “Scalone “.

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The City of Mondovì is preparing to celebrate the 25th April, the Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Nazi fascism, in an unedited form and in full compliance with the restrictions foreseen in this emergency. For the first time, therefore, there will be no moments of public commemoration at the Monument to the Dead for Freedom, but the City, Bronze Medal for Military Valour for the War of Liberation, will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation with the same participation ever, albeit in a “virtual” form.

In fact, Saturday 25th April morning, a video will be published on the website of the Municipality of Mondovì ( and on the institutional Facebook page “Città di Mondovì” containing the intervention of the Mayor, Paolo Adriano , and Professor Stefano Casarino, President of ANPI, who should have held public prayer this year. The contents of the video, created by the Councillor for Culture, Luca Olivieri, will then be “translated into text” and sent to the press, to allow everyone to access it.

“The epidemiological emergency we are going through and the consequent restrictions – declares the Mayor of Mondovì, Paolo Adriano – make us understand more than ever the value of that Freedom conquered at a high price 75 years ago and very often taken for granted. We have always had the opportunity to travel, to move, to practice the sports we love, to see who we want, and we would never have thought of a different world from the one in which we have had the good fortune to live to date. We are not at war, but certainly the renunciations of these days help us to understand even better the meaning and sacredness of those values ​​of Justice, Liberty and Democracy protected by our Republican Constitution and painstakingly conquered at the time”.

“Nobody would have ever imagined that they could not remember how the past years an anniversary as important as the 75th anniversary of Liberation – is the thought of Stefano Casarino, President of the ANPI – But if Coronavirus prevents us from doing it by participating directly, we resolutely and with full awareness we celebrate it all the same, using the help of technology. The virus we are fighting against now has nothing analogous to the evil viruses of ideological madness, intolerance, dictatorship and racial discrimination, against which we get vaccinated every year just celebrating this anniversary: ​​while, however, we remember with renewed deference and gratitude those who immolated themselves to give us those freedoms of expression, assembly, association, etc … embodied in our Constitution, never as now that we are temporarily deprived of them can we fully appreciate them, and formulating all the hope to return soon to that normalcy of life that we have always taken for granted”.

It will be the responsibility of the Municipality to deposit the flowers at the tombstones and memorial stones in memory of the fallen partisans, while the Mayor will provide for the deposition of the commemorative crowns in strictly private form. Finally, it should be noted that ANPI Mondovì, in collaboration with other local associations, promotes an initiative of spontaneous participation through which citizens can formulate a video of a maximum duration of 3 minutes, dedicating it to reading a passage related to Resistance and the inspiring principles of the Constitution.

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