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Alba: the celebrations of April 25th

Although the current health emergency will not allow this year to organize the traditional calendar of public events, the Municipality of Alba does not give up celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Liberation.

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Mayor Carlo Bo invites colleagues from the municipalities of Bra, Langhe and Roero to share a moment of recollection in the tricolour strip, each from their own town hall, together with associations and realities of the territory and to each citizen, obviously in their own home, in full respect standards, avoiding unnecessary movements and gatherings. On the same day, the city councillors will meet in a live streaming video conference from the Youtube channel “Città di Alba” to discuss the issues of the Resistance.

“The appeal that I address to all is to commemorate the Liberation with the means that are granted to us at the moment – says Mayor Carlo Bo -, stopping for a moment, exposing the tricolour from the balconies, filling this year not the squares but virtual spaces, sharing reflections, writings, images “.

The first citizen joined two initiatives: #iorestolibero launched by Carlo Petrini through the website to collect donations in favour of Caritas Italiana and the Italian Red Cross engaged in assisting homeless people and managing the canteens of poor and to celebrate Liberation together on Saturday, from 2.30 pm, through social networks. Alba, with a video-reading of the mayor, will also participate in the event of the Mirafiore Foundation which this year moves from the Bosco dei Pensieri to the Facebook page with an invitation to tell, all together and in the first person, stories of Resistance and great pages of literature (for more information

The Anpi di Alba, which on the occasion of the anniversary wanted to write to all its associates, also joined #iorestolibero, fundraisers and other online events. On Friday 24th April at 6 pm, with the book cooperative La Torre, he organizes a video conference meeting via the Zoom platform with historians Giuseppe Filippetta and Chiara Colombini who will dialogue on the theme “Resistance and Constitution”. The Beppe Fenoglio study centre chose instead April 25th as the deadline for the online #maratonafenogliana started on March 25th, to which everyone can still give their contribution by reading aloud a song by Beppe Fenoglio.

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