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Online auction for the Cuneo hospital, #artistipercuneo

Artists organise an online auction: from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April, in favour of the Santa Croce and Carle hospital in Cuneo, a “thirty-six hours of solidarity”.

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The initiative is promoted by the student in veterinary medicine,  Roberta Formisano, a young class of 1993, “daughter of art” (the parents are important figures in the Cuneo panorama). It was from his father Giuseppe that she promptly and inspired the initiative, involving the many artists and students known by the family (it seems that the dozen or so initial adhesions went further).

The auction is scheduled on Instagram and on Facebook, starting from a base of 50 euros, with minimum raises of 10-20 euros.

The artist will be responsible for establishing the end of the competition, which has arrived at an amount deemed appropriate. #artistipercuneo

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