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Fossano celebration on 25th April

Even at a difficult time like this, the Municipal Administration of Fossano wants to celebrate Liberation Day albeit with the due restrictions of the case imposed by the competent bodies.

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In particular, laurel wreaths will be placed in the 4 symbolic places of the Fallen (Monumento ai Caduti in Largo Eroi, Monumento in memoria dei Caduti Alpini in piazza Picco, Cimitero urbano e Monumento alla Resistenza in piazza Romanisio)  then the mayor will go to the Monument to the Fallen for a moment of solitary recollection, as foreseen by the directives of the prefecture of Cuneo, which indicated the following: “Any initiatives for the deposition of crowns at the monuments to the fallen, by territorial or local institutions, must provide for the presence of the only Deputy Authority, thus avoiding the involvement of other military authorities or formations and in any case excluding any form of population assembly “.

I invite all citizens to join me, each from their own home, making a minute of silence in memory of the fallen of all wars at 3 pm, to follow I invite everyone to sing the national anthem from home” the mayor’s appeal by Fossano Dario Tallone.

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