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Saluzzo: Stay home stay safe and become an artist

The Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive presents #iorestoinarteSaluzzo .

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Start has been postponed in the autumn but the souls that make up the rich kaleidoscope that is this great artistic event do not stop, the Art does not stop. For the months of May and June, the Garuzzo Institute for the Visual Arts launches a suggestion and a new initiative that enters the Start offer.

In a moment of physical isolation, due to the difficult historical period we are experiencing due to the global pandemic, the Garuzzo Institute and the City of Saluzzo launch a cultural project aimed at young people.

#iorestoinarteSaluzzo is the artistic project that is aimed at all children who attend kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, as well as students of the Higher Institutes of Saluzzo.

The idea is to let your imagination run free, having fun, by creating an “artistic work” of any shape: from drawing to sculpture, from photography to video, from painting to illustration … to music. The intent is to offer an opportunity for reflection, through art, on how the daily lives of each of us have changed in these weeks of isolation.

The photos of the individual works will be shared on the social channels of the promoters and subsequently collected in a digital diary: a virtual gallery dedicated to the entire project.

Promoters of the initiative: Garuzzo Institute for the Visual Arts and the City of Saluzzo

Recipients of the initiative in the Target position: all children and young people from kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools, students from the high schools of Saluzzo, the APM School Foundation and Cultural Associations


Give free rein to your creativity! Take part in the #iorestoinarteSaluzzo project by sending a photo / scan / video of your work (sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration, photography, video, collage, musical piece, etc …) to the address

 – Photos of the works or videos can be sent (maximum 1 minute and 30 ”)

 – The papers can be sent until the end of June 2020

 – The object shows the title of the #iorestoinarteSaluzzo project and in addition to the photograph, indicate the title of your work, your name with the initial of the surname, the age and school you attend.

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