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Santibriganti Theatre and Teatranza – Lockdown: consequences and initiatives

From March 9th, the lockdown start date, all our activities have obviously been suspended.

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These activities include the management of the seasons of the civic theatres of Settimo Torinese, Busca, Caraglio, Dronero, a review of the Dravelli theatre in Moncalieri, training courses for children and adults in Moncalieri, Settimo Torinese, Caraglio, the training academy for actors Shakespeare School directed by Jurji Ferrini, social theatre workshops, as well as numerous summer festivals and events and the production and distribution of theatrical performances. In addition, the rehearsal rooms of our headquarters are available to numerous actors and actresses who over the course of 33 years have conducted part of their training with courses and workshops.

This list serves to give an idea of ​​the impact of the current emergency situation.

During the following weeks, however, the delicate work of reorganization and reprogramming continued. The courses, when possible, were conducted by videoconferencing, while efforts are being made to implement a recovery plan for shows that have skipped as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have launched two virtual initiatives, on our Facebook pages, to try to stay close to the theatre audience and citizenship in general: the Beauty Pills, a series of readings by great authors, and Home Suite Home, a review in streaming, free, on a weekly basis: every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, you can see one of the historical shows by Santibriganti. This is a free review, because a recording cannot in the least replace live theatre, but we have activated the possibility of making a donation to Doctors Without Borders, for those who wish to express their appreciation.

The situation is very difficult and, like all the live entertainment sector, we have and will need the support of the institutions to be able to preserve their existence.

Waiting for this to happen, however, we will not remain with our hands.

Maurizio Bàbuin

Santibriganti Teatro & Teatranza

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