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Virtual trips in the Marquisate territory, from your own home with the FAI Saluzzo Delegation

The initiative includes trips for “Interval” photographic images and guided visits to sites, environments and landscapes of the area. Just connect to the Delegation’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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From April 25th, the Santa Maria della Stella complex in Saluzzo is also “open”, a site that was the church and monastery of the cloistered nuns of Rifreddo, inaugurated last December, after a long restoration by the CrSaluzzo Foundation.

Who has not been able to visit the good can do it accompanied in its history and in the extraordinary charm of the rooms by Marco Piccat and Michele Scanavino.

And the third of the virtual excursions that the FAI Saluzzo Delegation proposes “in this moment of forced confinement, in places partly opened last year and partly new, where the beauty of art, culture and knowledge of the people, find amounts roots – explains Piccat Head of FAI Saluzzo delegation.

The initiative, awaiting the lockdown release, fills the void of #ItaliaMiManchi, leading in “Interval 2020” photographic itineraries or in virtual excursions to discover historical heritage, environments, landscapes of the Marquisate territory.

Just connect to the Facebook page and Instagram,

The visits were a success in both ways. Both as regards the “Intervals” with the images of various photo amateurs, selected and assembled by Fabrizio Giordano, who so far have made the suggestion of the Maira, Varaita and Po valleys speak photographically.

Both as regards virtual excursions, by the head of the Piccat Delegation and other members.

On Sunday April 19th over 11 thousand people (virtually) arrived in the parish of Elva and in Val Maira. Many “entrances” also in the chapel of San Ponzio in Castellar for the Easter Monday tour.

Next Sunday, the castle of Verzuolo will raise the drawbridge to bring in the fascinating rooms and rooms accompanied by Roberta Eandi and Dario Alberto. 

“Now that the health emergency has cancelled initiatives and events, including the FAI Days, postponed to October, the beauty of the places, we can miss a little less, being able to see it up close, while staying at home – continues Piccat – in waiting to find ourselves really back in the charm of our territory “.

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