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The Italian Flag lights up Serralunga d’Alba

The initiative is promoted by an alliance of companies and individuals from Serralunga and will last from April 25th to June 2nd 2020 from 8.30 pm until 01.30 am every day.

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From Saturday 25 April to Tuesday 2nd June, the Serralunga d’Alba Castle will be illuminated every evening from 8.30 pm to 01.30 am with the Italian tricolour: over 30 low environmental impact LED headlights will colour the fourteenth-century manor house that dominates green, white and red

Serralunga, its hills, its vineyards famous all over the world.

Lighting, a strong symbol in such a delicate and particular period, was desired and promoted by over 30 Serralunghesi between wine producers, restaurateurs and hotel owners, managers of hospitality and tourism promotion structures, united in the name of enhancing the cultural heritage local and national, together with the Mayor Sergio Moscone.

The lighting of Serralunga d’Alba is ideally combined with that of other monuments in the city they too have become Italians, a cultural and experiential network that wants to give courage and trust to the citizens of the Bel Paese.

The Serralunghesi have organized themselves to give their territory an important message: we are united and we look forward, starting from what we have and what we know how to do.

Sergio Moscone, Mayor of Serralunga d’Alba, comments:

“Cicero’s words fully reflect what has happened in Serralunga in recent days. The whole country, in its various production peculiarities, has done its utmost to give everyone a great emotion with the Tricolor to illuminate the walls of their medieval castle. When the dream is shared by a whole community, it does not remain such and does not disappear at dawn, but becomes action and becomes concrete. Thus Serralunga, the heart of the Langhe vineyards of Barolo and the 50th UNESCO World Heritage Site, even in this difficult moment, has been able to concretize a vision not to forget the gift of freedom and memory. Memory, history and freedom are the lights that the village intends to keep on, to be remembered and look to the future with renewed hope. Serralunga is ready to leave, to bring itself again, that is its territory, which is history and geography, in the heart of those who have always loved it for its wines, its hills, its landscape, its perfumes . In the tenacious action of its people lies the secret of this small town in the Langa that over the centuries has always been ready to defend itself, fight and resist. And his tricolour manor, in these spring nights, reminds everyone. “

Lighting is curated by Microphase, leader in the show business sector. Over 30 professional lights have been installed, normally used during the most important concerts and other events in the world of entertainment. The headlights are low consumption LEDs, in full respect of the environment.

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