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“Asparagus and Tinca Festival” lands on the virtual square

From the real to the virtual square. Despite the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, the municipal administration of Poirino does not give up respecting tradition.

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Thus, on Sunday 10th May for the first time, the “Asparagus and Tinca Festival”, now in its 63rd edition, will take place online. The event organized by the Municipality under the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Turin and known for the quality of the Poirino asparagus, as in previous years, will be combined with the ” golden hump tinca of Poirino” fair.

The only Italian freshwater fish classified as PDO  (Protected Designation of Origin) in Europe.

As an alternative to the traditional fair, online visits to the fields, fishmongers and farms will be offered, documenting the various stages of cultivation, breeding and fishing with photos and video footage. Potential participants, divided into various categories, were asked to be available to take part in the virtual edition of the fair. With the aim of starting from local products and producers and being close to local farms, the Municipal Administration has proposed a visit to the Poirinese producers on the field, documenting with photos and filming the various stages of the asparagus harvest. To the tinca farmers, however, the Municipality proposed a visit to the fishmongers which will be documented with images and footage of the various stages of breeding and fishing.

Cattle breeders have also been involved, who will be able to show off their Piedmontese breeds through photographs and videos. All the collected material will then be disseminated on web channels helping to promote the business. Local restaurateurs, on the other hand, will be able to offer recipes for typical dishes, based on asparagus and tinca, to be delivered at home. Those who join the initiative will also be given a certificate of participation and health material offered by local production activities. The 63rd “Paolo Gaidano” painting competition will also take place regularly with works showing glimpses of Poirino. On the institutional website of the Municipality of Poirino, photos will be published on which the artists can inspire themselves for their works. The photos of the works can be sent, by and no later than May 8th, by e-mail to the address specifying the title, the technique used and the dimensions. The works will have visibility on social channels in order to create a virtual exhibition that recalls the particular period in which we are living. As for the children’s section, however, the theme of the competition will be asparagus and tinca. Children of kindergarten and first cycle of primary school, pupils of the second cycle of primary school and those of first grade secondary school can participate with any painting technique.

The photos of the works can be sent by e-mail to no later than next May 3rd and if desired at number 3332354382. The works will be published on the Municipality website and on the pages Facebook with the aim of making an unusual 2020 edition of the “Maggio Poirinese” special.

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