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Mirafiore Foundation: the Permanent Resistance Laboratory with Ugo Alciati and Matteo Baronetto

The two chefs will talk about Cuisine at the time of the coronavirus and the slap that catering has received and how they are gearing up to start again.

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The Mirafiore Foundation continues its online programming dedicated to the Resistance. From the partisan Resistance we move on to the daily Resistance, with a meeting dedicated to the world of catering and cooking, at the time of Covid-19, as always broadcast live on our Facebook page:

Appointment Saturday 2nd May, at 6 pm


Resistance cuisine

Ugo Alciati and Matteo Baronetto are two starred Piedmontese chefs used to talking to the world with their dishes, but both are also entrepreneurs who know the reality of catering at all levels.

They will talk about Cucina at the time of the coronavirus, about the slap that the restaurant has received and how they are getting ready to leave; of any suggestions that, as a category, they would like to give for phase two.

But they will certainly also offer some “starred” advice for those who stay at home: easy, but special, recipes to make in our kitchens.

Further updates on the Foundation’s activities on our WEBSITE, on social pages and through the newsletter, in the hope of returning soon to be a physical place for meetings and dialogue as well.

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