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A series of video lessons and online insights on various issues, conceived and created by Itur which manages the educational services of the river park, are now available.

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#ILPARCONONSIFERMA, This is the motto of the Gesso e Stura River Park for the new phase we are facing. Thus, the Park is working on a series of initiatives that allow it to continue to remain close to its users and to carry out, albeit in a different way, the activities that have always distinguished it. One of these is undoubtedly teaching. With the schools closed, the Park proposes a distance teaching project (DaD) to end this school year.

It is a mini catalogue of free proposals to support primary and secondary schools of the first degree that have activated forms of distance learning in the closing period linked to the Coronavirus emergency.

A series of online video lessons and insights on various topics, conceived and created by Itur, which manages the educational services of the river park, are now available, and will remain so until June, on the Park website ( in the section dedicated to distance learning.

The #ILPARCONONSIFERMA> DaD project is structured in proposals that address seven environmental issues chosen from those usually proposed by educational operators. Lessons are available for primary school on the following topics: bees, butterflies, vegetable garden, biodiversity, senses, climate change and landscape. As regards the first grade secondary school, climate and landscape changes will be discussed.

To access the contents, which are completely free until June, simply connect to the River Park website, in the section dedicated to Didactics.

For more information, you can call 0171.444560 or write to the email address

In addition, #ILPARCONONSIFERMA also offers a calendar of proposals regarding teacher training courses. The calendar of activities recognized by the MIUR has been remodelled by providing for the promotion of two free online meetings dedicated to climate change. The course “The climate with your hands” will take place in the form of a direct Facebook from the page of the Gesso e Stura river park on Monday 11th and 18th May from 3 to 4.30 pm. Access to the course is free and free. To receive the certificate of participation, just pre-register for the initiative by writing an email to and be present online on the day of the live broadcast.

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