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Cuneo celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Duccio Galimberti

On 30th April 1906, Duccio Galimberti was born in Cuneo, a criminal lawyer, pro-European, anti-fascist and Italian partisan.

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Commander of the Justice and Freedom formations, Gold Medal for Military Valor and Gold Medal of Resistance, he was proclaimed National Hero by the Piedmontese CLN.

The Municipality of Cuneo intends to remember the Man who, at the cost of his life, with a rare intellectual intensity and supreme coherence to the values ​​of justice and freedom, made a decisive contribution to the Resistance and to the construction of our Republic on democratic grounds.

His memory is therefore the recognition of a memory that Italy and the City of Cuneo honour.

If you want to know more about the life of Duccio Galimberti visit the page

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