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Organizers and institutions await with enthusiasm, equal to concern, that the doors of exhibitions and museums will reopen on May 18th, and in the meantime intensify their actions on social networks.

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With the aim of “retaining” those who frequent or follow these realities and, at the same time, to widen the audience.

The decision to reopen the doors is positively assessed by all, despite being aware of the foreseeable elements of criticality.

Below are some examples of the actions that have put in place or in the pipeline a series of important Italian companies.


The Italian Centre for Photography was among the first to increase the online offer with a real schedule around which curators and great photograph professionals, artists etc. gravitate. On #CAMERAonair, an original schedule of sections and initiatives that deserved a wide following is proposed almost daily.

Very different formulas and activities, as we have seen. United, all of them, by the need to virtually open those doors that continue to be physically closed today. Actions that the current emergency has made to be perceived as indispensable and that, after the moment, will be taken to useful practice even for those who previously did not feel the need.

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